Meet The Instructors


Master Jewel

  • 4th Degree Black Belt (Kukkiwon Certificate)
  • Board member of Universal United Nepal Taekwondo Federation (UUNTF)
  • Awarded Full Scholarship to Study Taekwondo at Keimyoung University in South Korea
  • Tested and Awarded 2nd Dan in Kukkiwon, South Korea
  • Member of Keimyoung University Demonstration Team 2001-2002
  • Taught as a Sparring coach for past 4 years
  • U.S.A. Referee

Master Jewel has been practicing Taekwondo for 28 years with a dedication to discipline, respect, and self defense.  Master Jewel embodies the full strength and spirit of Taekwondo and has trained her son Jonathan all the way up to a 2nd degree Black belt.   Over the years she has supported and assisted many Taekwondo schools with the instruction of their students.  It has been her life long dream to open this school so that she can nurture and grow her students to become the champions she knows they can be.


Asst. Instructor Jonathan

  • 2nd Degree Black Belt (Kukkiwon Certificate)
  • Gold medal Poomsae 29th Annual Dallas Taekwondo Championship. 2016
  • Bronze medals for sparring and Board Breaking 29th Annual Dallas Taekwondo Championships. 2016
  • Bronze medals for sparring and Poomsae AAU Taekwondo Championship. 2016
  • Bronze medals for poomsae and Sparring NRG Games. 2016
  • Gold Medals in Sparring and Poomsae Ft. Worth International Championship. 2016
  • Gold Medals in Sparring and Poomsae at K-tigers Internationals Championships. 2016
  • Gold Medals for sparring and Poomsae Oklahoma State Championships. 2016

Jonathan is determined to push his hardest and ensure his students do the same.  Always setting the example for his students they yearn to grow up to be like Jonathan.  Through hard work Jonathan has earned his 2nd Dan and is primed to start going to tournaments in 2018!